Car Spray Painting and Touch Up Paint Service by Spectrum Werks

From scratches to heavy damage, we have worked on over thousands of cars with accident damage and restored them back to their original ‘as good as new’ condition using the latest in-house spray painting techniques and years of experience.

Our in-house repair specialists are skilled in paint respraying with 100% color-matching accuracy using Spies Hecker Paint Systems from Europe. There’s absolutely no color mismatching or botched jobs.

Whether you’re looking for a partial paint repair or full car body color change, we’re able to do it with our Paint specialists and Color professionals!

With over 20 years of combined experience and hundreds of positive reviews, We’re confident you’ll love the outcome, 100% satisfaction guranteeed 

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Brake Calipers Respray

Give your brake calipers a new look with our brake calipers respray service! From shiny to matte finishing, we deliver them to you with minimum downtime, same day collection. At Spectrum Werks, we only use the best spraying materials, equipments and techniques to give your vehicle rims a long-lasting effect.

Brake Calipers tends to look old and unworn out as it is a part which is hard to reach and wash off the brake dust. The brake dust will etch into the calipers over time and you will need a respray to get the new look.  

Free Hikari Japan Premium Ceramic Wheel Coatings (Worth $250) coated on the brake calipers. 


 – Long Durability 

 – Heat Resistance

– More Shine and Gloss

– Scratch Resistance

– High Water and brake dust repellent 

– Easier to wash off brake dust

Brake Calipers Respray


 – Removal and dismount the rims on the vehicle 

– Use masking tape and overspray protective film to cover the parts to prevent overspray

 – Applying putty to even out the surface due to damages (if any)

– The putty area will then gets filed with sandpaper even looking finish – the damage is avoided by choosing the right sandpaper texture

We will then sand down the calipers with a fine sandpaper


– Shifting the car into the specialized spray booth to ensure none of the dust or debris particles end up on the new paint, affecting the look

– 2-3 coats of colour paint will be sprayed and dried 

– 2 coats of high quality paint clear coat (lacquer) sprayed for best shine and gloss


– Free Hikari Ceramic Wheel Coatings will be applied on the brake caliper for full coverage to preserve the shine and gloss of the caliper for the longest period of time 

– Removal of the masking tapes 

– Installation of the rims

– Hand over to the owner

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