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We have worked on over 6,570+ cars with accident damage and restored them to their original ‘as good as new’ condition using the latest in-house car spray painting techniques and years of experience, from scratches to heavy damage.

Using Spies Hecker Paint Systems from Europe, our in-house repair specialists are skilled in paint respraying with 100 percent color-matching accuracy. There is no color mismatching or sloppy work.

Whether you’re looking for a partial paint repair or full car body color change, we’re able to do it with our Paint specialists and Color professionals!

Spectrum Werks has over 20 years of experience and hundreds of customer reviews and testimonials. We’re confident you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

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What Is Car Spray Painting

Spray painting is the process of repainting your car panel by panel. To achieve an even depth of color across the entire body kit of the car, the paint is sprayed on with an air compressor in a systematic manner.

Spray painting is commonly held in a container-looking enclosure called a spray booth where the spray paint job is carried out. The booth is a pressure-controlled closed environment that is held in workshops to paint vehicles. It is a delicate process as we do not want the slightest dirt/debris to fly into the finish and damage the paint job and turn into a splotchy mess.

Benefits Of Car Spray Painting

1. Giving Your Car A Brand New Look

If you are looking to give your car a brand-new look, getting your car spray-painted is one of the few options. If your car has some exterior damage such as scratches, discolorations to the paint job, or sun damage to the original paint job, spray painting helps in preventing such cases to happen.

2. Custom Paint Job

Spray painting allows car owners to customize cars by customizing the type of colour and design that you are looking for. Spray painting allows for more creativity and personalization than a fresh coat of paint can make an old car look brand new again.

3. Cost-Effective

When compared to traditional methods of painting, spray painting is much more cost-effective. This makes it a great option for those on a budget and helps to protect a car’s body from rust and other weather damage. This helps to lower the need to send your car for maintenance work.

Why Choose Us

1. 100% Color-Matching Paint Accuracy

No mis-matched colors on different panels – Guaranteed. Our advanced Paint Systems and years of experience from our in-house paint specialists ensures that the color calibration is done perfectly each and every time

2. Fully Owned and Managed In-House

We own and manage our own car spray painting facilities. We do not sub-contract the work out to others. This means the buck stops with us – complete with a high expectation that everything will be done to our exacting standards.

3. Pro-Refinishers

Our paint specialists have over 20 years of combined paint experience. Expect the highest quality of work from us.

We’re fanatics about perfection and a quality that we’re absolutely proud of.

About Spies Hecker

We use only the best car spray paint products in the world. By Spies Hecker.

Founded in Germany – Spies Hecker (Axalta Coating Systems) is one of the largest suppliers of refinish products, and began developing paints in 1882.

Spies Hecker is used by numerous OEM production facilities worldwide and is approved by various vehicle brands such as AudiBMWHondaJaguar, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Subaru, Mazda, Lexus, Tesla and more.

With a large range of colors, our team can mix and match the original shade, tone and depth of your car’s original paint when it comes to an indistinguishable and meticulous repair respray – or a complete color change, including the engine bay.

Full Car Spray

We have over thousands of colors available to choose from in spraying your car! But fret not, you are not just limited to what we have. We are able to source the color you are looking for. 

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Panel Repairs

Car Spray Painting and Touch Up Paint Service by Spectrum Werks

Free 3 Stage Paint Correction and Polishing (Worth $200) on resprayed will be given to ensure that all cars leave our shop in the most perfect condition. 

Almost all of the spray painters would skip or they are unable to provide this step which results in a lower gloss and shine level due to the heavy swirlmarks A.K.A machine marks/spiderwebs.

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Rims Respray

Give your rims a new look with our rims respray service! From shiny to matte finishing, we deliver them to you with minimum downtime, same day collection. At Spectrum Werks, we only use the best spraying materials, equipments and techniques to give your vehicle rims a long-lasting effect.

We are using automotive high temperature paint compressor spray, not those spray-can paint which is not durable and lesser gloss compared to automotive compressor spray.

Free Hikari Japan Premium Ceramic Wheel Coatings (Worth $250) coated on inner barrel and exterior (Full Rims).

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Aikka Special Colour

Aikka Colour Paint is one of the leading brands in the industry. Available in various kinds of colours in different shades, our Aikka paints also come with special effects ranging from crystals to metallic or even matt appearances. Our Aikka paints are curated specially for car enthusiasts, made of premium and long-lasting materials. Let us know the style you are looking for, and we will deliver it to you.

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Brake Callipers Respray

Give your brake calipers a new look with our brake calipers respray service! From shiny to matte finishing, we deliver them to you with minimum downtime, same day collection. At Spectrum Werks, we only use the best spraying materials, equipments and techniques to give your vehicle rims a long-lasting effect.

Brake Calipers tends to look old and unworn out as it is a part which is hard to reach and wash off the brake dust. The brake dust will etch into the calipers over time and you will need a respray to get the new look.  

Free Hikari Japan Premium Ceramic Wheel Coatings (Worth $250) coated on the brake calipers.

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