Car paint protection allows you to enjoy hassle-free car maintenance as it helps to protect your vehicle against external damage. It forms a layer of protection over your vehicle surface to let your vehicle look shiny while protecting it against damage from scratches, acid rain, dirt etc. 

At Spectrum Werks, we use one of the leading products in the market, Hikari coating, to let the magic work. We promise to make your investment worth it as our quality protection can last up to 5 years.

Hikari 9H+ Diamond Ultra Durable Ceramic Coating


  • 9H+ (Hardness) Ceramic Coating
  • Up to 5 years durability
  • High Water repellency effect (Water beading)
  • High Self Cleaning and dirt repellency
  • Long Lasting deep shine
  • Scratch Resistance Function
  • Ultra Violet Ray protection
  • Makes washing and maintenance easier

Freebies worth up to $300

  • Hikari Wheel Coating – Worth $150
  • Hikari Anti Rain (Windows Coating) – Worth $150

Hikari Ceramic Coating Prices Starts From $199 onwards.

Additional $50 for SUV/MPV/SW

Exterior Works

  1. Wheels cleaned with Iron Cut Rims cleaner and various brushes.
  2. Wheel iron deposits and staining removed with Tar Remover.
  3. Wheel tar deposits safely removed.
  4. Vehicle pre-rinsed to remove loose dirt.
  5. Rinse.
  6. Painted surfaces decontaminated with Iron Fall out.
  7. Application of Foam Shampoo to the whole vehicle.
  8. Whole vehicle clayed to remove remaining bonded surface contamination.
  9. Rinse.
  10. Thorough pressure rinse.
  11. Vehicle given a final rinse, brought inside, then towel and blow dried.
  1. Paintwork inspection carried out using various lighting sources.
Paint Correction (Up to 3 Steps) - Up to 95% removal of imperfections such as watermark etches, swirlmarks, scratches to show best finish
  1. Depending on the level of defects, we will use one of two types of machines: a rotary or dual action polisher. Rotary machines are used to remove heavy defects such as deep scratches and swirl marks. A dual action polisher can be used to remove mild to moderate defects. Each respective machine is usually paired with a heavy cut foam or wool pad in this step. Usually, we use a heavy cut compound in this step, depending on paint condition.
  2. In the 2nd step, the goal is to bring the paint as close to perfection as possible. The more thoroughly this step is performed, the easier the last step will be. This step is usually performed with a dual action polisher paired with a medium cut pad & compound or polish. We work a small section at a time to confirm proper pad and compound selection. Once desired results are achieved on the test section, we continue to refine the rest of the panels. If the vehicle gets dusty during this step, proceed to rewash.
  3. In this final paint correction step, we polish or “jewel” the paint. This is done in order to improve the gloss and clarity of the paint. We use a finishing foam pad with a fine polish, paired with a dual action polisher, working a panel at a time. After the final polish is complete, we then reinspect the paint, ensuring no polishing residue remains.
Protection (Coatings Application)
  1. Protection applied to all body painted surfaces with Hikari Pro – 10H Self Healing Ceramic Coating
  2. All windows (inclusive of sunroof/moonroof) are applied with Hikari Anti Rain Window Coating
  3. Rims are applied with Hikari Alloy Wheel Coat
  4. Exterior plastic trims will be applied with Hikari Exterior Plastic Coat
  5. Headlight and Taillights are coated
  6. Tyres dressed in Tire Gloss

Interior Works

Cleaning & preparation
  1. Steam Vaporization (Anti-Bacteria)
    – Steam works quickly. Steam liquefies and dislodges stubborn and greasy dirt within seconds. Applying steam uses physics to clean: dirt particles heat up and expand faster than the surface under them. This expansion breaks their bond with the surface, allowing the dirt particles to be wiped away. The most important benefit of vaporing is that no chemical is used in the whole process; the effect is achieved with boiling water only.
  2. Vaccuming
    – Floormats are removed and dusted. Every areas are thoroughly vacuum.
  3. Plastic Cleaning
    – Freshen and clean your interior dashboard and plastic trims parts. Cleans and maintains plastic surfaces in vehicle interiors. Especially suitable for new vehicles with matt structured fittings.
  4. Leather Cleaning
    – Over time dirt and dust particles will be infused onto the leather surface, causing the appearance to turn dull. In our Leather Treatment, we will shampoo wash your seats, removing all the unnecessary bacteria and dirt that is stuck on the leather surface.

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